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The following is a list of professional interpreter and translator associations. This is not a complete list. This list does not constitute an endorsement of any of these associations, but is provided for informational use only. Let us know of any others we can include on this list.

National Interpreter and Translator Associations

The American Association of Language Specialists – TAALS

P.O. Box 27306
Washington, D.C. 20038-7306

American Translators Association - ATA

225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 683-6100
(703) 683-6122 fax

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators - NAJIT

1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 804
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 293-0342

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf - RID

333 Commerce Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 838-0030
(703) 838-0459 TTY
(703) 838-0454 Fax - for general inquiries - for certification inquiries - for membership inquiries

The Translators and Interpreters Guild - TTIG1

Attention: Tim Schick, TTIG Admin
c/o The Newspaper Guild
501 Third Street NW 6th Floor
Washington DC 20001

California- Court and Legal Interpreters

Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California - AIJIC

PO Box 2448
Los Angeles, CA 90064

California Court Interpreters Association - CCIA

1005 State Street
El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 352-4763 fax

California Federation of Interpreters - CFI

433 Natoma St. Third Floor
San Francisco CA 94103
(415) 421-6833
(415) 421-3751 fax

Medical & General Translator and Interpreter Associations in California

California Healthcare Interpreting Association - CHIA

1400 K St., Ste. 212
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-1506 (916) 444-1501 fax

Northern California Translators Association – NCTA

A chapter of the American Translators Association
2261 Market Street, #160
San Francisco, CA 94114-1600
(510) 845-8712

Southern California Area Translators and Interpreters Association - SCATIA

General Translator and Interpreter Associations in the USA

Arizona Court Interpreters Association

P.O. Box 1286
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1286

Atlanta Association of Interpreters & Translators - AAIT

P.O. Box 49184
Atlanta, GA 30359

Austin Area Translators & Interpreters Association - AATIA

P.O. Box 13331
Austin, TX 78711-3331

Carolina Association of Translators & Interpreters – CATI

(919) 636-9301

Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association – CHICATA

P.O. Box 804595
Chicago, IL 60680-4107
(312) 836-0961

Delaware Valley Translators Association

(215) 222-0955

El Paso Interpreters & Translators Association - EPITA

Josefina Font (915) 203-5633

Hawaii Interpreters & Translators Association - HITA


Houston Interpreters and Translators Association - HITA

Affiliate of the American Translators Association
PO Box 801793
Houston TX 77280-1793
(281) 731-3813

New England Translators Association

International Translation and Interpretation Associations 

European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters - EFSLI

Postal address
Karhulstraat 15
7339 AD Ugchelen
the Netherlands
 +31 55 540 2751
+31 35 5339873

International Association of Conference Interpreters - AIIC

International Association of Conference Interpreters - USA

46, avenue Blanc
CH - 1202 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 908 15 40
+41 22 732 41 51 fax

The International Federation of Translators – FIT

Aeschenvorstadt 71
CH-4051 Basel, Switzerland
 +(41) 61 225 42 10
 +(41) 61 225 44 10 fax

World Association of Sign Language Interpreters - WASLI

WASLI Office
7/211 Wellington Street
Collingwood Victoria 3066

I hope you found this useful and if there is any association which could be added to the list please leave a comment below. :)  

As always, thank you for reading and sharing my posts. 

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