How Quality Translations and Interpretations Help Save You Money

Spread The Word Blog: How Quality Translation and Interpretation Language Services Help Save You Money |

If you think a good translation is expensive, you should look at the cost of a bad translation.

Below are just a few examples of the cost, damages, and problems bad translations cause.

"Taco Bell’s return to Japan in 2015 was widely anticipated, but the company’s launch of its Japanese-language website spawned a media frenzy—not because of the food. With machine-translated menu items that turned “Cheesy Fries” into “Low Quality Fleece” and “Crunchwrap Supreme – Beef” into “Supreme Court Beef,” the company had to rush to take down the site to mitigate the damage to its image." (Home Business, article Six Things You Should Know About Machine Translation by Caitlin Walsh)

"BBC Culture looks back at the greatest mistranslations of the past, with a 19th-Century astronomer finding signs of intelligent life on Mars and a US president expressing sexual desire for an entire nation." (BBC Culture, The Greatest Mistranslations Ever article by Fiona Macdonald)

"The man convicted of killing 7-year-old Hser Ner Moo in 2008 deserves a new trial because an unqualified interpreter pressured him during a police interview into admitting responsibility for the girl's accidental death." (The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Supreme Court hears appeal in girl’s death article by Pamela Manson)

"When you are in that vulnerable situation, being able to communicate your health condition is vital. That's why it's important that the interpreter knows the terminology, because it lessens the chance of misdiagnosis." (CBC News, 'I didn't know any of the medical words,' says woman asked to interpret for sick mother article by Sima Sahar Zerehi)

"Skipping unfamiliar words or words without a direct English translation might work for low-stakes situations, but it doesn’t work in the courtroom. Not understanding nuances, especially legal nuances, can cause trouble in court." (PBS Newshour, How bad translation by court interpreters can turn misunderstanding into injustice article by Rebecca Beitsch)

Spread The Word Blog: If you think a good translation is expensive, you should look at the cost of a bad translation. |

Check out my previous blog 'Why Quality Over Quantity Should Be Your Priority When Seeking Translation and Interpretation Language Services' for a more detailed explanation of why clients get bad translations.

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