Behind the Scenes: The Making of #SpreadTheWordWear

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Behind the Scenes......the making of an apparel line: #SpreadTheWordWear

The Hard Times print shop is a place where you only need your ideas, a pencil and a cup of coffee.

Our screen printer is a small local business called Hard Times, it's owned by my awesome big brother, Victor.  Here is a little bit of the behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
Actual hand drawn sketch of the #SpreadTheWordWear logo by yours truly.
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
Victor can multitask, I caught him working on the logo and
 saving energy by not using the lights at the shop.
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
Once we decide what the image or text will be,
screens are then 'burned' to be used for print.
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
Victor then gets the screens ready for print,
protecting the sides with tape.
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
Shirts waiting patiently for print, while Victor mounts the screens.
Every color requires its own screen.
Behind the Scenes at Spread The Word Wear
Once the screens are mounted, printing may begin.
All shirts are screen printed by hand. 
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
After the shirts get their coat of paint, they go through a conveyor belt type 'oven'.
Quality control is supervised by two Frida Khalo stickers located on the machine. 
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
Last step of the process is a last heat press by an 'iron' that is over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
This helps the ink stay on for a very long time and keeps the surface smooth.
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
All done.
Behind the Scenes at #SpreadTheWordWear
My big brother did a good job, don't you think?

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