How to Create Your Own Inspirational Quotes Using PowerPoint

You may have see and enjoyed many wonderful inspirational quote boxes all over social media.   

How to be happy, decide every morning that you are in a good mood
Example 1

Now with a little bit of time and imagination you can make them yourself using Microsoft PowerPoint (and Paint- optional). 

Here are a few examples that I made in just a few minutes. 

How to be happy, decide every morning that you are in a good mood
Example 2

How to be happy, decide every morning that you are in a good mood
Example 3
 So here is step-by-step on how you can make your own.

Step 1: Gather your images

If you don't already have the images saved on your computer, scan the images you wish to use as background or accents. (I scanned these stamps I have been saving since my childhood pen pal days).

stamps scan

Step 2: Organize your images

Decide what images you want to use.  If your scanner does not separate each image, here is an easy but time consuming way you can do it manually.
a) Right click on your scan and then click EDIT this will take you to Microsoft Paint.
b) On Paint click SELECT, then select with the cursor the area you wish to separate.

Step b)
c) Click CROP, this will complete the separation and leave you with only the part of the scan you want.

Step c)
d) Lastly click SAVE AS and name the new file, this will save the selected area and not change the original scan.  This way you may go back to the original scan to pick another area to select, crop and save as.

Step d)

Step 3: Page setup

Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Click on DESIGN on the toolbar, then PAGE SETUP and enter 8.9 inches for the Width and 8.9 inches for the Height, press OK.

 Step 4: Insert Images

Click INSERT on the top toolbar and this gives you the option to add clip art, picture etc.  If you want to insert your own pictures, click on PICTURE and find the pictures you want to add on your 'quote box'.

Step 5: Get creative and have fun

Once the pictures are on the screen, organize them however you wish.  The images can be expanded, shrunk, flipped, overlap and even tilted.  For more options, right click over an image.

For example 2 all I did after page setup was click on DESIGN then clicked on BACKGROUND STYLES and lastly clicked on FORMAT BACKGROUND.  In this last section 'Format Background' there is an array of options to format the background to almost anything.

For example 3 I only used one single image and enlarged it.  If you go on 'Format Background' you have the option to make an image tiled.

Step 6: Add text

Now all you have to do is add text.  Usually you will see a text box where all you need to do is click to add text or you can click INSERT on the toolbar and then click on TEXT BOX to add a text box manually.

Set 7: Save your work

Once you are done, save your file as a GIF, JPEG or PNG, whichever you prefer.  That's it!  Now you can post your custom and personalized boxes with any inspirational, motivational, informational, or just because message you want.

I hope this has been helpful, if you have anything to add, please let me know.  

As always, thank you for reading and sharing my posts. Please if any of my blogs inspire you, give credit where credit is due.  Let's be fair, honest and professional.  Let's help each other be great and stay great!

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