What A Translation Test Is And What It Is Not

What a Translation Test Is and What it is Not! | www.elingual.net

What is a translation test?

A translation test is a small test to help clients ascertain whether you have the necessary technical knowledge, expertise, and are able to convey meaning faithfully, accurately, and impartially.  
"A test translation is paid and consists of 300 words or less."
A sample paid translation is a low cost to pay in comparison to the potential cost of delivering a bad translation to clients (when sometimes, lives could be at risk).  

Furthermore, paying for test translations helps newly trained and graduated translators to prove their value, before a huge new project is assigned to them.

What a Translation Test Is and What it is Not! | www.elingual.net

Is it wrong for a client to request a free translation test?

Is it common to ask a professional for free samples?  

Do you ask a doctor for a sample visit?  

A lawyer for a sample contract?  

Or an accountant for a sample monthly expense report?  

Do you ask a repair man for a free light fixture repair?

These type of requests are very uncommon in professional services.  

A client can easily request several translators for free sample translations and get a job completed for nothing, this is called stealing, a scam.  

Furthermore, considering the business side of things, if you are requested to do several sample translations a month, it causes financial loss, due to your time spent on unpaid work, thus taking time away from actual paid work or being able to accept paid work.

What a Translation Test Is and What it is Not! | www.elingual.net

What should I consider before accepting to do a translation test?

When you are asked to do a translation test, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Will I get paid for the translation test?
  2. Is the test approximately 200-300 words?
  3. Do I set the fee for the translation test?
  4. Is the test source text absent of confidential, complete text, letters, short instructions, term lists and similar text?
  5. Is the test source text taken from a public source like Wikipedia entries or similar random public content?
Your answers to the above questions should be considered thoroughly before accepting to do a translation test.

What a Translation Test Is and What it is Not! | www.elingual.net

What if I don't want to do a translation test, what alternatives do I have?

Inform the client that there are better ways to find out whether a translator is professional and provides quality work.
"What is common is to have a test period where work is compensated 
but closely assessed."
As a real professional experienced translator who is able to deliver on time consistent high quality work on particular subjects with great command of a determined language pair, you should have plenty of published work, recommendations and reviews for the client to look over.

These are only a few suggestions and points to consider before doing a translation test.  

What has been your experience?  

I would love to hear what you think.

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